Event 73866925 M=4.50 - 3D View

This page uses the Three.js 3D JavaScript library to show real-time double-difference hypocenter locations of earthquakes in Northern California. The box below is centered on event 73866925, which has the following hypoDD-RT solution:

Date: 2023/04/04 | Time: 22:23:17.660 | Latitude: 36.80380 | Longitude: -121.30448 | Depth: 9.814 | Magnitude: 4.50
Quality: 2 | Shift: 1.714 | Version: 9.1

The high-resolution background seismicity included in the box comes from two double-difference catalogs. Hypocenters for the years 1984-2011 are taken from the DD base catalog for Northern California (NCAeqDD.v201112.1). Hypocenters from 2012 up to present are taken from the real-time double-difference catalog DD-RT (NCAeqDDRT.v201201). Earthquakes from the DD catalog are represented by gray dots, those from the DD-RT catalog by colored dots.

There are 4035 earthquakes in the box. Magnitude cutoff is 1 (except for events within the last week).

This viewer requires JavaScript


  • Red dot is hypoDD-RT solution for event 73866925 (M=4.50)
  • Events in previous HOUR | DAY | WEEK
  • DD-RT catalog (2010-present) (M>1)
  • DD catalog (84-09) (M>1)
  • Larger dots: M>4
  • White dot is original (NCSN) location
  • Brown lines at surface: faults from USGS
  • Top square of the bounding box has green/blue sides, blue on the North.
  • XYZ box dimensions (km) = 15.0 x 15.0 x 15.0.

  • Viewer instructions:

    Left-Mouse Drag to rotate
    Middle-Mouse / Scroll-Wheel / s Drag to scale
    Right-Mouse / d Drag to translate
    r Reset view
    w / q Start / Stop free (undamped) rotation
    z Toggle stereo view
    + / - Increase / Decrease stereo eye distance
    e Reset stereo eye separation

    3D applet written by Robert Simpson (USGS), Felix Waldhauser and Eric Malikowski (LDEO).
    Time created: Wed Apr 5 00:44:32 UTC 2023