M1.7 - Saturday August 5, 2017 at 19:34:55 UTC (ID:72861166)

Relocation Stats

Origin Time 2017/08/05 19:34:55 UTC
Location Lat: 37.54038° Lon: -118.87946° Depth 5.17 km

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Note: The smallest event in the above map is magnitude 0.0. The event boundary is outlined in gray.

Cross Sections

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Event Processing Stats

Measure Value
Event ID 72861166
Version 0 A 1
NEV_CL 101
NSTAUse 17
NSTAwf 32
Nwf 684
NctP/S P: 668 (775) S: 0 (0)
NccP/S P: 33 (49) S: 10 (14)
AvDist 0.9
MaxDist 2.4
RMS0 0.0343
RMSct 0.0165
RMScc 0.0018

This website displays automatic near-real-time double-difference (DD-RT) hypocenter locations for earthquakes recorded in northern California and routinely processed at the Northern California Seismic Network (NCSN). more...The DD-RT process relocates new earthquakes relative to a high-resolution DD catalog of background seismicity, NCAeqDD, by using differential times between the new event and its neighboring (reference) events in the DD catalog. Routinely determined parametric data of new events, such as phase picks and hypocentral information, are automatically sent to LDEO by the NCSN and waveforms are accessed from the real-time DART server at the Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC) in Berkeley. Data associated with the reference events are accessed from a locally stored copy of the entire Northern CA seismic archive. See Waldhauser (BSSA, 2009) for more information.

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